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The OnePlus Nord 2

The new mid-budget smartphone market is a highly competitive space, teeming with excellent smartphones from the likes of the LG G4, Nokia E71 and Motorola DROID – but the new OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone from Oxygen, aims to buck all of the trends. It isn’t as cutting edge as some of the other smartphones available right now, but it certainly has enough to stand out as one of the best devices on the market today. The powerful chipset, 3GB of RAM and the fantastic Android experience make this phone one to consider. But what are the advantages of owning a device like this?

For those looking for a budget smartphone that oneplus nord 2 is highly effective and features cutting edge technology, the Oneplus Nordic 2 is perfect. The powerful chipset and Adreno architecture allow for optimal performance from the chipset, which is one of the many reasons it’s one of the most powerful mobile phones available at this time. With a massive 6 mega-pixel display and a massive 1.5 Mega-PI camera on the back, the display on the smartphone is nothing short of spectacular. Users can expect a smooth and fast browsing experience, a long battery life, a good level of sound quality and a wealth of storage. The lack of a large battery means that users will not be left waiting around for a lengthy time before the battery dies out, but it is worth mentioning the power of the chipset and Adreno chip that means there is no need for a huge battery.

Despite the powerful nature of the Oneplus Nordic 2, it is based on a powerful chipset and the MSMMediatek 1200-ai chipset that is used for this device is one of the newest on the market. This powerful combination allows for some incredible battery life times. The MSMMediatek CPU inside the Oneplus Nord 2 is one of the first new mobile processors to use the new xaa technology. This new technology, which is exclusively developed by Nokia, allows for extremely low power consumption and equally powerful performance. Users will not have to put up with extremely slow internet access or random freezes when they use this phone, because the chipset and CPU are designed to work flawlessly together.

When it comes to connectivity, the Oneplus Nordic is able to combine a large amount of connectivity options in one small body. The Bluetooth headset that comes with the handset allows for standard Bluetooth use while the heart rate monitor included in the package means that users can keep track of their pulse rate during exercise. The device also features a reasonably large battery, although the rapid charging function means that this should not be an issue. In terms of data transfer, users are able to send and receive files at a fairly high capacity thanks to the mid-range processor and the extra 4G connectivity.

Despite having a smaller screen, the Oneplus Nord 2 is still a very powerful device. The powerful chipset inside allows for excellent performance even when applications are running on the foreground, meaning that the device can easily take on everything that a user would throw at it. Users will not have any problems using the device as it will cope just as well as any other modern smartphone. In terms of battery life, the device should last you around five to six hours before the need for a recharge arises, which means that users will never have to go into the habit of using the device while they are on the move.

Despite being one of the smallest smartphones available, the Oneplus Nordic does pack quite a punch. In terms of the camera department, the handset sports an eight megapixel camera which is better than many of its competitors on the market. In terms of video recording, users have the option of adding a HD lens as well as recording in higher resolutions. OnePlus also makes use of the front facing camera, which has a slightly higher quality than the regular camera on offer. This helps to make the image of the smartphone look more lifelike. The dual camera setup on the back makes the smartphone easy to use for anyone, regardless of their experience with smartphones.