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Signs of Mice in Your Home

Mice are more active at night when it is quiet all around, and that’s when they come out. Their single pair produces hundreds of mice within a year, and they live for 12 months.

Mice at home can be annoying as they contaminate the area in no time with their urine. They produce almost eighty droppings in a day and do a lot of damage. That’s because their teeth continuously grow, and they need to gnaw to wear them down in size.

Are there mice in your home? You might be concerned about how to know if they are present in your home.

Here are signs that indicate mice in your home:


Usually, dark brown droppings of the size of rice show the presence of mice in your home. Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of droppings, as mice leave 80 droppings in a day. Therefore, you should check the corners, cupboards under the sink, and kitchen kick plates.


Mice need to chew continuously to keep their teeth in a manageable size. That’s why they prefer to chew wood, plaster, cables, and packaging. Chewing can cause severe damage; for instance, chewing cables lead to fires.


What’s more? Rustling noises in the walls, ceilings, and under the floors also indicate mice’s existence. You might have heard these noises often at your home. These rodents move inside your home in search of food and nesting materials. They generally travel through water and gas pipes under floors and above ceilings.

Smear Marks

These smear marks are hard to identify if you are unsure of what you are looking for. They are made of grease, body fat, and hair which mice will leave as they move around. They seem like dirty smears and are a sign of prolonged mice infestation.


Mice use materials like tissue, paper, and cardboard to make their nests. Their nests will be undisturbed areas, so if you have a pile of shredded paper, it could be mice living there.

Urine Pillars

Mice infestations can lead to urine pillars being created. Urine pillars are usually built of urine, dirt, and grease. These pillars can be 1cm wide and 4cm high.

Strong Smell

Mice urinate more often, and their urine has a smell like ammonia. This is usually the first sign of mice infestation you observe in the morning. This smell remains even after the infestation has cleared.

Sightings or track prints

If you see a mouse during the daytime in your home, it can be a sign of a heavy mouse infestation. You may observe footprints, tracks, or tail marks in hard-to-reach places that contain dirt and dust.

How to Get Rid of Mice?

You might wonder what to do next if you have mice in your home. Don’t worry; you need to get help from professionals such as Pest Control London provider to get a pest-free home. London Pest Control offers high-quality pest control to residential and commercial premises in London and the surrounding countries, making your life easier.