Medical-Engineering Business Pure Energy Club is brand new to the Multi-Level Marketing arena and is about to go crazy very shortly.

Pure Energy Club is brand new to the Multi-Level Marketing arena and is about to go crazy very shortly.

I want to clarify that I am not a sales rep for Pure Energy Club or as called Pur3x. I am giving you a third party report based on my findings without any benefit of you joining the Pure Energy Club.

You have most likely come to this review because you have been invited to this new company, and you are searching for information weather this company can achieve you income or it is a swindle like some other companies on the internet. By reading the following review you will get a clear view if it is a legitimate company, if you can really make money in it, how it is the best way to go about it and more. So keep on reading.

Pure Energy Club is a legitimate company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. they produce and market great tasting energy drinks, that really works to pump up your energy.

Following are some impressive pro’s about this company:

The Products:
“Pure Renew” delivers an intense boost of energy not found in any other drink on the market today. It also contains high vitamin content, various kinds of fruits, and powerful antioxidants. Pure Renew will provide you the energy you need within 6-10 minutes of drinking. Never before has an energy drink delivered such a powerful and long lasting boost of adrenaline with no problems later. With only 50 calories and just 12 grams of cane sugar, Renew truly redefines the concept of healthy energy.

“Pure Revolution” delivers over 12 sorts of fruits in each can, is completely natural, contains high levels of vitamins and boasts a great antioxidant level not found in any other energy drink. Revolution has zero caffeine, artificial coloring or flavoring.

The product is absolutely a great deal, but when it comes to compensation it gets even better.

The Pur3x compensation plan:
The Pure Energy Club pay Plan is a 3 X 12 “Matrix”. What this means is that each Representative has up to 3 Distributors directly underneath her or him on his or her 1st Level. in this way, on the Distributor’s 2nd Level there will be 9 Distributors and 27 on her or 다국적노래방 his third level. This goes on for up to 12 levels. The monthly commission will be as follows: If you have in your total downline 1375 + people, $8.00, If you have 120-1374, $6.50, If you have less then 120, $6.00.

The Brand:
The company name “Pur3x” is the business’s symbolic representation of products that correspond to “purity” ( “Pur” ) and health as well as a compensation plan that pays you for recruiting just 3 ( “3x” ) people into the club.

So what are the downsides of promoting Pur3x?

1. There is an ongoing enormous amount of competition in the energy drink trade, from old multi-million dollar highly branded companies, which makes it very hard to market. But it’s definitely possible and you just got to make a decision if you really want to be involved in such an high competitive field.

2. There is no real education on how to go about marketing this business. In fact, most people in Pur3x are using the old school methods like, producing a list of friends and family and people you know, going around in shopping malls trying to sell your product, and some innovative people buy leads from major lead producers and phone them with the opportunity, but unfortunately, as it has been proven to me many times, in various companies, these methods don’t work for 99% of people. And that leads to the known statistic that 95% of people in this arena spend more then they make, and 90% of people in this industry never ever recruit anyone in their business.