Medical-Engineering Business Commercial Kitchen Equipment Suppliers in the UK

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Suppliers in the UK

Setting up a commercial kitchen in the United Kingdom requires access to high-quality and reliable equipment. Whether you’re launching a restaurant, catering business, or any foodservice operation, choosing the right commercial kitchen equipment suppliers is crucial. Here are some reputable suppliers in the UK:

  1. Nisbets:

Nisbets is one of the largest kitchen equipment suppliers of catering equipment in the UK. They offer a wide range of products, including kitchen appliances, utensils, furniture, and more. With multiple stores across the country and an extensive online presence, Nisbets is a go-to choice for many businesses.

  1. Alliance Online:

Alliance Online specializes in providing catering and kitchen equipment to the hospitality and foodservice industries. They offer an extensive catalog of products, from cooking appliances to tableware, with a focus on quality and affordability.

  1. Catering Appliance Superstore:

Catering Appliance Superstore is an online retailer that offers a vast selection of commercial kitchen equipment and appliances. They pride themselves on competitive prices and a user-friendly shopping experience.

  1. Brakes Catering Equipment:

Brakes Catering Equipment is part of the Brakes Group and is known for supplying a wide variety of catering equipment to the UK hospitality industry. They provide equipment for cooking, refrigeration, warewashing, and more.

  1. 247 Catering Supplies:

247 Catering Supplies is an online supplier of commercial kitchen equipment, offering products ranging from ovens and grills to refrigeration and storage solutions. They focus on providing competitive prices and efficient delivery services.

  1. Stephensons:

Stephensons is a family-owned business with a long history of supplying catering equipment to the UK hospitality sector. They have a showroom in Stockport and an online store offering a diverse range of products.

  1. CE Online:

CE Online is a comprehensive online source for commercial kitchen equipment. They provide everything from cooking appliances and refrigeration to kitchenware and cleaning supplies, catering to a wide range of businesses.

  1. JLA:

JLA is known for providing commercial laundry and catering equipment solutions, particularly for healthcare and hospitality businesses. They offer a complete range of equipment and also provide maintenance and servicing options.

  1. Halls Foodservice:

Halls Foodservice is a supplier that caters to the needs of various foodservice establishments. They offer a wide selection of commercial kitchen equipment, including bespoke kitchen designs and installations.

  1. Lockhart Catering Equipment:

– Lockhart Catering Equipment is a trusted supplier to the catering industry, offering a broad range of kitchen equipment and tabletop supplies. They have showrooms across the UK and provide design and project management services.

  1. Advantage Catering Equipment:

– Advantage Catering Equipment specializes in providing kitchen equipment solutions for commercial kitchens and foodservice establishments. They offer design and installation services in addition to equipment supply.

  1. Corr Chilled:

– Corr Chilled focuses on refrigeration solutions for commercial kitchens and food businesses. They offer a variety of refrigeration equipment, including walk-in cold rooms and display units.

Before selecting a commercial kitchen equipment supplier, assess your specific needs, budget, and the scope of your operation. Consider factors like after-sales support, warranties, and delivery options to make an informed choice that aligns with your business requirements.